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A few years back Christian Thatch was commissioned to do a comic for the Ben Davis clothing company. As a comic book fan, Chris was suped about the job. In the years before he always talked about Thrasher comics and how it was a huge mistake for Thrasher Magazine to stop doing them. Like in all of his work, in this one Thatch dropped in a heavy dose of his own personality. Chris was a severe localist… he believed in community. He was loyal to his old friends, loyal to his skateboard company… Sacrifice for life right? He called this comic “Blatant Localism” to people in the know, everything thing that appears in this comic has a heavy New Jersey graffiti vibe. NAVY 8, CHIP, NACE. All legends in the Graff game. Even one of the main characters is based on another Graff legend (and one of Chris’s best friends) IRONY. He made this comic in Minneapolis, but to his old homies out here in NJ we felt like he was making it just for us… and in a way I think he was. And then there’s the “Old Growler” character who is a representative of another one of Thatchers most heralded values… RESPECT. Respect for the elders, the legends, the dudes that did way back when we you were just a piss pants little kid. His core values were incredible… solid gold.



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