Bib Overalls

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  • 12 oz. Canvas
  • Full cut for over-the-clothes fit.
  • Stress points reinforced.
  • Heavyweight duck fabric.
  • We recommend sizing up at least 1-2 sizes. For example, if you wear size 34 in pants, you would be 36 or 38 in our overalls.
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39 reviews for Bib Overalls

  1. Jay

    Can’t they fit true to size if you’re not wearing them over any other pants?

    • bdservice

      We only recommend sizing up if you choose to wear them over your pants

    • bdservice

      We recommend sizing up only – if you choose to wear them over your pants

  2. Fabian B

    I’ve been trying to order more of these for a while now. Any plans on restocking on 30 thru 40 waist?

  3. Dresta

    Denim overalls would be great too

  4. Caleb Jasn

    These overalls are amazing I bought some to make cutoff overall shorts for summer.

  5. Lori Lee

    love Ben davis jackets

  6. Lori Lee

    nice clothing

  7. Lori Lee

    We Love Ben Davis Pants

  8. Lori Lee

    We want to try the bibs

  9. Ash kelly

    When will denim overalls be available??

    • bdservice

      No plans for denim overalls at this time.

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