Gorilla Cut Pants – Light Grey

5.0 (10 reviews)


Similar to the Original Ben’s, but with a wider leg.

  • Extra full cut.
  • Durable fabric, retains color and fit.
  • 10 oz Blended twill.
Color: Light Grey
  • Gorilla Cut Pants - Khaki, 675
  • Gorilla Cut Pants - Light Grey, 677
  • Gorilla Cut Pants - Navy, 678
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10 reviews for Gorilla Cut Pants – Light Grey

  1. Bet Nimrod

    Just got my first pair today and they are exactly what I was looking for after checking out other brands. I love the wider leg compared to Dickies loose fit. Now I just need to get pairs of my size (46 x 30) in Navy and Black.

  2. Matthew R Campos

    I got the monkey and ben davis tattoo on my head I’m 113% ben davis dickies sucks.

  3. Suave lopez

    I want denim gorilla cuts

  4. Nate

    My favorite brand and style of pants. I am Brand-Loyal to Ben Davis.

  5. Mark Murphy

    Love the trousers, the gorilla cut although seemed huge at first have rapidly become my favourite item of clothing. A Brown or even Purple would be excellent.

  6. Daniel

    great pant, extremely durable, if only you could bring back the denim, and add some more colors

  7. Jake

    Hopefully in 2020 u guys can start making gorilla cuts in denim again. Oh how I miss wearing my creased up denims

  8. Juan

    There use to be a wide variety of colors available for the gorilla cut..

  9. byrondouglas91 (verified owner)

    Discovered Ben Davis and the Gorilla Cut earlier this year, and these have to be the best pants that I’ve ever owned!!! Seriously!! From the fit, to the comfort, to the durability they check all the boxes! Got my first black pair a few months ago and haven’t worn another pant since (washing of course haha). Just ordered the grey pair and will definitely be grabbing more soon! Also looking forward to trying out some of your other products!

  10. Matthew delgado

    It would be awesome if you guys made gorilla cut pants in BROWN. Would you guys ever?

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