Poly/Cotton Long Sleeve Striped, 1/2 Zip – Hickory

4.67 (6 reviews)


  • Heavy duty worker’s fabric
  • Poly/Cotton Blend
  • Relaxed fit for comfort
  • Pencil slot on front pocket
Color: Hickory
  • Long Sleeve Stripe Shirt - Hickory, 208
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6 reviews for Poly/Cotton Long Sleeve Striped, 1/2 Zip – Hickory

  1. Peter

    I got one of these shirts a few weeks ago and I am now thinking about replacing most of my Carhartt work shirts with my new Ben Davis. Very heavy feel to the shirts, and I can tell that they will last a long time, even in a trade that’s heavier than others. I weight about 205 lb, 6’1, with a fairly broad chest and shoulders, so I went with XL the first order, which was hilariously big on me. I only ordered that big because I don’t like my shirt to come untucked every time I bend over to get a tool or pick up equipment, but over all, from the chest and the arms, it was huge. So if you are around that build, use that as a reference when ordering and get a Large. I returned four shirts and customer service was on point and had my returned items sent back really quick and the corrected size, so even if you have to return it’s not an extreme hassle. Love the look, functional, and high quality workwear. Ben Davis needs to definitely expand their line.

  2. Sam

    Great shirt for 20 + years but I’m not happy with only one button on the sleeve. I’m in the logging industry and need my old style back.

  3. Rob St. John

    I always wore westen style snap shirts or cotton tee shirts….until I discovered these gems about a decade ago. Now they are the only shirt I wear except for my white western snap shirts on Sundays. I prefer the poly/cotton blend because they are tough and dry out quicker. I use to be concerned that the zippers would wear out before the shirt, but that hasn’t been my experience and the zippers continue to work fine after many washings. I wear the short sleeves in the summer, much dressier than a tee shirt, and the long sleeve models in the winter. I really like the availability of a variety of colors. My top colors are the dark blue pinstripe and the brown pinstripe, but I also own a few other colors for a mix.

  4. Jay

    Is this shirt made in the usa?

  5. steve epling

    the best shirt out there whether for work or going out…

  6. Mr. DC (verified owner)

    Love this shirt, great work shirt, still stylish 2 go out, just wish the collars would stay down after i washed it. They tend 2 roll up. What would b the most equivalent 2 this short sleeve? What’s ur longest (tallest) short sleave?

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