100% Cotton Original Ben’s Pants

4.65 (35 reviews)


  • #1 Ben Davis work pant
  • 100% Cotton
  • Full cut for comfort and style
  • Durable fabric, retains color and fit
  • 11.5 oz.
  • For a wider leg, check out our Gorilla Cut Pants
  • For a slimmer leg, check out our Trim Fit Pants
  • Fit true to size
  • Available in Black only
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35 reviews for 100% Cotton Original Ben’s Pants

  1. Rick Saenz

    Will they make trimfit 100% cotton one day

    • bdservice

      We have no plans at this time

  2. Dan

    60 percent cotton 40 percent polyester was a great blend . will they ever make them with 60 percent cotton 40 percent polyester? Or even in the gorilla cut or the shorts

    • bdservice

      No plans at this time.

  3. Ben Fan

    the 100% cotton don’t melt or burn as easily and I believe that’s why fire fighters like them. They’re great comfortable pants

    • bdservice

      synthetic fabrics are considered fire retardant material because they resist ignition at higher temperatures than natural fibers

  4. Robert Curtis

    What’s the difference between the 100% cotton and original? Is the 100% cotton softer?

    • bdservice

      Some customers prefer natural fabric and cotton is softer than polyester


    Thank you!

  6. D (verified owner)

    Make more colors in these.

  7. Dan (verified owner)

    These are without a doubt the best pants Ben Davis makes. Rigid yet comfortable, well-made and exceptional quality. Here’s a tip, though: try to hang them to dry, rather than tumble; if you do tumble, don’t use a dryer sheet (not sure about liquid fabric softener) b/c chaulky-looking steaks will appear and they will look dirty out of the dryer. Since I began hanging them to dry, this has not been the case. I will be buying another pair soon.

  8. mr.manager

    What size leg opening do these have?

  9. jollycouch

    when will you get 54 32 in black

    • Ben Davis Co.

      Sorry but we have no plans to make those sizes at this time

  10. mary jo lambert

    My husband has worn these pant for over 30 years. Do you have these pant with snap instead of buttons?, With his aritritis it hard for him to button them. Thanks

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