Original Ben’s Pants – Charcoal

4.5 (10 reviews)


  • #1 selling Ben Davis work pant
  • Poly/Cotton Blend
  • Full cut for comfort and style
  • Durable fabric, retains color and fit
  • 10.5 oz. Blended twill
  • For a wider leg, check out our Gorilla Cut Pants
  • For a slimmer leg, check out our Trim Fit Pants
  • Fit true to size
Color: Charcoal
  • Original Ben's Pants - Black, 694
  • Original Ben's Pants - Brown, 697
  • Original Ben's Pants - Charcoal, 691
  • Original Ben's Pants - Charcoal Heather, 651
  • Original Ben's Pants - Khaki, 695
  • Original Ben's Pants - Light Grey, 692
  • Original Ben's Pants - Olive, 625
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10 reviews for Original Ben’s Pants – Charcoal

  1. Tony

    I have some brand new Ben Davis pants that I bought and they’re too small they’re 44-36 email me if you want them,,,[email protected]

  2. Erika

    Ben Davis is my “go to” for real quality work pants. Been wearing these babies for 25 years. The fit, the durability, and the look are all first rate.

  3. SpeedMetalBuilt

    The best work pants hands down! Rugged, stylish and last forever. I’ve NEVER work a pair out but I have had to sell a few due to added lbs-LOL Buy yourself a pair. “Ben Davis for President!”

  4. Danny Smith

    Only brand I own! Have been using Ben Davis for five years now. Love these pants!

  5. keano

    I absolutely love them,durable and built to last. Best pants I ever owned

  6. Aa (verified owner)

    These pants are top notch check the sizes though since they are different than other brands I have a grey pair and they really hold up I have had other brands actually rip off seams pop etc but these pants never did ,A+++

  7. Tony Medrano (verified owner)

    I received my two pairs of pants that I bought a couple of weeks ago and brought them to the cleaners to get hemmed to my length because they didn’t have my length with my waist size. I have done this four times before and never a problem. This time I go pick up my pants and I guess the employee put the wrong label on my pants. One size was right and the other pair of pants was like 4 sizes to small. Now I can’t return them because I had them hemmed. My wife says why didn’t I try them on first before hemming them. Why don’t they JUST DO THEIR JOB and send me what I ordered. Back to Dickies work pants for me. I try to buy American only products, but when it affects my wallet like this I don’t mind shopping elsewhere.

  8. Alex Castro

    I have been using Ben Davis pants for more than 30 years ! Good working pants better then levi !!!

  9. Jorge Alberto Martinez

    Supremely tough. Hope to buy more original Ben’s soon

  10. Arnulfo Duran (verified owner)

    I like Ben Davis pants

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