Original Ben’s Pants – Khaki

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  • #1 Ben Davis work pant
  • Poly/Cotton Blend
  • Full cut for comfort and style
  • Durable fabric, retains color and fit
  • 10.5 oz. Blended twill
  • For a wider leg, check out our Gorilla Cut Pants
  • For a slimmer leg, check out our Trim Fit Pants
  • Fit true to size
Color: Khaki
  • Original Ben's Pants - Black, 694
  • Original Ben's Pants - Brown, 697
  • Original Ben's Pants - Charcoal, 691
  • Original Ben's Pants - Charcoal Heather, 651
  • Original Ben's Pants - Khaki, 695
  • Original Ben's Pants - Light Grey, 692
  • Original Ben's Pants - Olive, 625
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19 reviews for Original Ben’s Pants – Khaki

  1. RA Lovell

    A WWII Veteran introduced me to Ben Davis pants. The best clothing purchase I ever made. I wear them as dress pants, and I look damn good in them too! I WISH YOU MADE JEANS.

  2. Manuel

    I love Ben Davis ! For get about all these other so-called American Brands , Ben Davis is a true American top quality clothing manufacture .

  3. Oak

    Any longer lengths than 34?

    • Ben Davis Co.

      Navy and Black both come in 36″

  4. Paul

    I have been wearing Mr. Davis’ pants for over twenty years. Since then, they have always been a part of my wardrobe. Longest lasting work clothes I have ever worn, but they also look good in social settings.

  5. Seamus McDermott

    Some day, maybe they’ll make pants in a 36L so tall good looking people like me can wear them without field boots.

  6. Rosendo

    I’ve been a Ben Davis man for 10 years, and these are some damn durable pants. Could you guys make some regular jeans? For casual wear, without the hammer loop/cell phone pocket, so it doesn’t look like I’m about to head to work at any second. Make them the same cut as these originals, Thanks, Ben!

  7. drowsy

    do u guys have these in size w38-L29 khaki and light grey

    • Ben Davis Co.

      Sorry, we do not.

  8. Angela Vergara

    My husband never shuts up about your pant he is Ben Davis and white tees always !!

  9. richard

    Best pants I’ve ever had they are hard to find in slc ut. Comfortable long lasting and look great

  10. juan mozqueda

    I always wear Ben Davis pants for work there long lasting and comfortable and not to mention they look really good

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