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“Plenty Tough” T-Shirt


4.2 (9 reviews)
  • Fit true to size.
  • White
  • 3X-Large
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9 reviews for “Plenty Tough” T-Shirt

  1. jules

    one the the best shirts you have. retired??????

  2. j

    whats up with the small ,medium, large and xlarge

    • Ben Davis Co.

      Plenty Tough T-shirts have been retired.

  3. Guille

    No Sm. Med. Lg. or Xlg.?

  4. Dan

    Make it in black!

  5. brandon_thepower

    This shirt in BLACK PLEASE

    • perry (verified owner)

      Yes to this shirt in black!

      Love all my Ben Davis work clothing🇺🇸

  6. Nubzord

    Please make this shirt in black!

  7. Flip

    I love BD shirts mostly for quality but also because each shirt has my best friend’s picture on the pocket !! Great fun !

  8. tradesmanpainting (verified owner)

    I started wearing Ben Davis pants and then there work shirts in 1976
    I’m 53 years old now and proud to do so-

    That’s one Monkey I want on my back!

    Thanks Ben Davis Company.

    Tradesman Painting & Decorating

  9. Natalie Johnson

    Great work clothing.

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