Short Sleeve Solid Button-Up – Charcoal

4.07 (15 reviews)

  • Double needle stitch for extra strength
  • New button front
  • Label located towards bottom of shirt
  • Flap pockets
  • Available in Navy, Charcoal and Black
  • USA made
Color: Charcoal

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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15 reviews for Short Sleeve Solid Button-Up – Charcoal

  1. Nate

    I see quite a bit of interest in tall sizes, I too am interested in a 3xl tall. I would love to buy some but they barely make it to my waistline. Won’t buy any until you come out with a tall size option. Love the product just not the options.

  2. Gib

    I got a mess of BD half zipper shirts, gotta love ’em.
    A 3X size covers the gut nicely on most styles and colors.
    but a tall size would be helpful
    How about it Ben, you gonna be makin’ some tall’s soon??

  3. greg

    Do you have a size chart for these ?

  4. Corey Loredo

    Ben Davis are the #1 quality & brand, I love Dickies also but when it comes to “class” Ben Davis is the only option, I have to say one fault line that Dickies has over Ben Davis is Styles & Color option, they have two toned & pined striped button ups & pined stripe pants & shorts & not to mention in every shade of the rainbow & their almost as identical to Ben Davis but less quality materials & work, I’d like to see Ben Davis catch on to the #1 competition.

  5. gilbert

    Do you make 3xl tall?

    • Ben Davis Co.

      Sorry, we do not

  6. Greg

    Is this the same fabric as the half zip?

    • Ben Davis Co.

      Yes, same fabric

  7. Mike

    Love the new Short Sleeved Solid Button-Up! Great shirt and a great fit. I sincerely hope that Ben Davis is going to expand the color options to include the classic striped patterns and plaid patterns that are only available in the 1/2 zip model. The button-up in striped colors and plaids would be awesome!

  8. Richie

    Been wearing Ben’s since i could fit into them,i remember my father and Grandfather wearing your clothing which is why i continue to purchase your clothing.I have Pants that are 10yrs old,goes to show you the quality of your work!

  9. Ana


  10. Jose

    Kind of an odd place to put the Ben Davis logo. Right on the gig line in front of ma junk.

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