Short Sleeve Stripe, 1/2 Zip – Burgundy

4.39 (28 reviews)


  • Cotton/ Polyester blended twill.
  • Ben Davis Plenty Tough® fabric.
  • Double needle stitch for extra strength.
  • Pencil slot on left pocket.
  • All styles M to 3XL
  • Size Small available in Hickory, Burgundy, Black, Blue Stripe
  • Size 4XL-5XL available in Hickory Stripe
  • Imported
Color: Burgundy
  • Short Sleeve Stripe Shirt - Black, 176
  • Short Sleeve Stripe Shirt - Burgundy, 174
  • Short Sleeve Stripe Shirt - Grey, 179
  • Short Sleeve Stripe Shirt - Hickory, 108

28 reviews for Short Sleeve Stripe, 1/2 Zip – Burgundy

  1. Gabriel Martinez

    Will y’all restock size small in burgundy

  2. Bill Dinton (verified owner)

    I bought three in burgundy,blue and brown.Size 3x. These fit true to size. The sleeves come down just a bit over the crease in my forearm and upper arm where in the picture above the sleeve is above the bicep. They fit just right….not too big but still roomy if they should shrink and will still fit right and look right even if they do shrink somewhat. And they are not too small of course. They come down to where they will cover your belt if you are wearing one. Tall would be way too long for me I am 6’1” and 250lbs with a very husky/bodybuilder shoulder area so I need room in the shoulders in all my shirts and my chest size is 50 inches,neck size 19,sleeve 36,waist 36.

  3. Francisco

    Tall would be awesome

  4. Loren

    Are the short sleeve 1/4 zip shirts available in “tall” sizes? Could have sworn that I purchased them in the past… HELP!

    • Ben Davis Co.

      We do not make short sleeve shirts in tall – sorry!

  5. Cody

    I work for a major fashion production company in NYC. We do photo shoots for campaigns and editorials. I wore the bus shirt in black to set one day. I swear to you, the main stylist for Prada and Clevin Klein came up to me and complemented me on your shirt. He said “ me and the photographer were noticing your shirt today. We love it.” These aren’t warehouse working people, these are crazy eroupean fashion people. You guys got something going with the shirts. Keep it up, the trend is spreading in NYC. I get mine from Dave’s on 6th ave and 18thst in the city!!

  6. Jeff

    3rd generation, we love the 1/2 zip shirts. All this talk about sizing & care. Buy true to size and wash a couple of times before wearing. Yes, they soften and yes they fit a tad big, but if your a working man you appreciate the elbow room and breathability. Try one out, let the monkey in

  7. mr_porridge (verified owner)

    Softens up after first wash–I know this kind of fabric: it will only get more comfortable as time goes on. Looks good, seems well-made, strong material.

  8. Zachary Perez

    6’2″— 185lbs. Size Help?

    • Ben Davis Co.

      What is your waist size?

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