Trim Fit Pants – Black

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  • Original Twill Blend Ben Davis pant.
  • Slimmer cut through hips and thighs than Regular Original Ben’s
  • Durable fabric, retains color and fit.
  • 10oz. Blended twill.
  • Fit true to size.
Color: Black
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  • Trim Fit Pants - 898
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35 reviews for Trim Fit Pants – Black

  1. Evan

    Will there be any brown in stock soon?

    • Ben Davis Co.

      The brown color Trim Fit pants has been discontinued

  2. Jimmy

    best pants i own, never stop making them!

  3. Dan

    I would keep it that way…maybe get a more quality celebrity endorsement, or none at all (my personal preference).

  4. Eerie Eric

    The fit is great. Are you going to come with a trim fit short line? And how can I get your Ben Davis “Project Line” or cropped leg in the US?

    • Ben Davis Co.

      We have no plans at this time to make shorts or revise the leg.

  5. Jon snow

    Are you the brand Kid Rock mentioned in one of his songs

    • Ben Davis Co.

      He has worn our pants on occasion; however, he is not affiliated with the Ben Davis Company

  6. dan

    I second Tim’s comment from 2016–make these in 100% cotton

  7. Adrian Garcia

    I love bens but with age I don’t like how loose they are around the leg, hip and waist on original are perfect.

  8. B

    Pleas make these in olive!

  9. Armando

    When will you have more trim fit pants black 34W 32L in stock???

  10. Yesenia Sandoval

    If I am a 32 W 30 L in the original pants, what size would I be in the trim fit pants, since they run smaller in the leg and hip? Thanks!

    • Ben Davis Co.

      Go with 32 x 30.

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