Trim Fit Pants – Navy

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  • Original Twill Blend Ben Davis pant.
  • Slimmer cut through hips and thighs than Regular Original Ben’s
  • Durable fabric, retains color and fit.
  • 10oz. Blended twill.
  • Fit true to size.
Color: Navy
  • Trim Fit Pants - Black, 894
  • Trim Fit Pants - Charcoal Heather, 851
  • Trim Fit Pants - Khaki, 895
  • Trim Fit Pants - 898
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3 reviews for Trim Fit Pants – Navy

  1. Max Waxman

    I started out with Dickies in high school. Later, Dickies went mainstream, I wanted something more original, so I ended up with Ben Davis. I usually got the beige, gray, and brown pairs, though I also liked the olive green and black pairs, too. The Ben Davis brand is superior to Dickies, in my personal opinion, and anyone wearing Ben Davis as opposed to Dickies are definitely “in the know.”

  2. Pete

    Absolutely love the pants I’d really like to get more.

  3. Juan Luna

    Loved these pants as a kid,
    Their comfortable and durable.

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