Ben Davis owes its heritage to the extraordinary legacy of Jacob Davis, the grandfather of our brand's founder, Ben Davis.

It all began in the late 1870s when a local resident approached Jacob Davis, seeking a solution for her husband's consistently worn-out work pants. Recognizing the superiority of rivets over traditional stitching, Jacob had a groundbreaking idea, he integrated rivets into work pants. By 1871, all the pants he crafted, from duck cotton to denim, proudly featured these pioneering rivets.

The story unfolds with Jacob Davis penning a letter to his fabric supplier, Levi Strauss, proposing a partnership to secure a patent for riveted work pants. In 1873, this patent was granted. Jacob Davis relocated to San Francisco to oversee the production of Levi's riveted blue jeans, a collaboration that persisted until his passing in 1908.

Fast forward to 1935, when Jacob Davis' son, Simon, and grandson, Ben, founded the Ben Davis brand in the heart of San Francisco. Ben Davis to this day, continues to carry the legacy of craftsmanship, rooted in our founders dedication to building the toughest work clothes for the working man. Over time, Ben Davis has evolved into a brand synonymous with rugged, no-nonsense workwear, proudly featuring its iconic monkey logo.

Ben Davis: Our Heritage